Broken Phone Screen

Written by Paul in blog on Sun 10 June 2018. Tags: images, blog,

Oh no! I’ve broken my phone screen again.

That’s 3 times since November :(

Broken phone again :(

I can use the bottom 3/5s of the screen, so I can just about type my unlock code. But I can’t change the settings to allow auto rotate of the screen, which would …

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Voyager I and II

Written by Paul in blog on Tue 05 June 2018. Tags: blog,

I was just reading about the equipment, including the computers onboard the two Voyager probes. Launched in 1977, the two identical probes still send back useful data at a whopping 160bps - that’s a lot slower than dial-up.

They have been travelling for 40 years at over 30,000 miles …

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Restarting Cycling (Recycling?)

Written by Paul in blog on Mon 04 June 2018. Tags: blog,

I’m very pleased with myself as I’ve re-started cycling. Now I’m not doing it competitively or even to get fit. But it will save me time in the day and waste less of my day on the many trips I generally do on foot.

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Quorn Tikka Masala

Written by Paul in review on Sun 03 June 2018. Tags: images, review,

I’m a big fan of Quorn, but I usually stick to Chicken Style Pieces, Mince, Chicken Style Nuggets; but today I gave their Tikka Masala a try… The box looks very much like any other ‘ready meal’, but prominently displays the Quorn logo - so no mistakes can be made …

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