Why You Shouldn't Interrupt a Programmer

Written by Paul in blog on Wed 04 July 2018. Tags: blog,

I realise there are any number of people who do complex tasks that wouldn’t want to be or shouldn’t be interrupted. But as someone who is regularly interupted, this cartoon really sums up the situation. Click here

Basically the ‘problem’ you are looking at is enormous and takes …

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Broken Laptop

Written by Paul in blog on Sat 30 June 2018. Tags: blog,

Oh, no! Now my laptop won’t work. For some reason it won’t boot. After booting a live Linux DVD I ran fsck on the hard disk to fix it, but there were a lot of problems. Now it still won’t boot. I’ve looked at quite a …

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have i been pwned

Written by Paul in blog on Mon 25 June 2018. Tags: blog,

You give your details to various companies and organisations, when you buy something you give your address and email and more. All you can do is hope that they will look after them. But sometimes these organisations are hacked or carelessly lose your details. There is not much you can …

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MySQL Index Improvement

Written by Paul in coding on Tue 19 June 2018. Tags: coding,

I’m very pleased with myself today. I actually bothered to track down what was slowing down my website.

I’d first like to say I prefer the word indices to indexes. Also it’s My-S-Q-L not My-Sequel. Actually it’s MariaDB, but that’s not the point.

There were …

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