• Monese

    I’ve seen several of these phone app bank accounts. They have a phone app, a regular bank sort code and account number and a prepaid card. I signed up to Monese and recommend you do, too.

  • Qwertee

    Qwertee sell incredible t shirts for a limited time only and provide the best service of anywhere you have ever shopped, online or otherwise. They are ethically produced, made of supersoft ringspun cotton and printed locally.

    Take a look at Qwertee!

  • Solar Buddies

  • Tides Podcast

    I’ve just started listening to Tides Podcast.

  • Jaffa Mallows

    I just invented (well I’ve never seen them before) a new snack. It’s a Jaffa Mallow.

    It’s a simple case of melting (I used a microwave) a medium sized marshmallow and spreading it on top of a jaffa cake. I tried microwaving the marshmallow on top of the jaffa cake, but it wasn’t as good.

  • Cow Bike

    Look what happens when you try and wrap a bike with wrapping paper. It looks like you’ve wrapped a cow.

  • Brouhaha 2018

    The Liverpool Carnival “Brouhaha” was on over the weekend. It was smaller again this year. It has got smaller and less worthwhile each time. Marley seemed to like the parade, but previous years it went on for much longer.

  • Harry Potter Coasters

    A big thank you to Susan Gray for my prize!

  • Algorythms

    The word algorythm seems to fill some people with dread. It is most likely caused by Facebook using an algorythm to decide what you see on their site.

  • Why You Shouldn't Interrupt a Programmer

    I realise there are any number of people who do complex tasks that wouldn’t want to be or shouldn’t be interrupted. But as someone who is regularly interupted, this cartoon really sums up the situation.

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