• Rick Coste - Evolution Talk

    Although I mostly listen to fiction podcasts, there are a number of non-fiction things I listen to as well. One thing I recently came across, by accident, was Evolution Talk. It is such an interesting podcast where Rick Coste, that I generally think of as producing audio drama, tells us all about evolution and natural selection.

  • Ace Cleaning and Stain Removing Products

    I gave 4 Ace products a go!

    When I think of Ace, I mostly think of stain removing, but there’s a lot more to Ace than that. In fact Yvonne thought I was crazy when I poured some out and started cleaning with it.

  • Natur Boutique Coconut Tea with Ginger and Turmeric

    I had the opportunity to try Natur Boutique’s Coconut Tea with Ginger and Turmeric.

    They come in a pack of 20 individually wrapped teabags which means they will remain fresh and have a long best before date of about 5 years.

  • Mo Bro's Beard Grooming Kit

    I was given the opportunity to give Mo Bro’s Beard Grooming Kit a try. I regularly have stubble, followed by an untidy beard until I get around to shaving it away and the cycle starts again. It’s down to lazyness and lack of motivation to shave rather than any sense of style or fashion! But for this I’m going to make an effort to have a nicer, smarter tidy beard. And if I like it, I may keep it permanently.

  • KickAir

    We had a nice day out today thanks to Yvonne doing a bloger review of KickAir in Manchester.

  • Paw Patrol

    Marley had the opportunity to meet Paw Patrol’s Marshall! It was is St John’s Shopping Centre in Liverpool.

  • Monese

    I’ve seen several of these phone app bank accounts. They have a phone app, a regular bank sort code and account number and a prepaid card. I signed up to Monese and recommend you do, too.

  • Qwertee

    Qwertee sell incredible t shirts for a limited time only and provide the best service of anywhere you have ever shopped, online or otherwise. They are ethically produced, made of supersoft ringspun cotton and printed locally.

    Take a look at Qwertee!

  • Solar Buddies

  • Tides Podcast

    I’ve just started listening to Tides Podcast.

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