• Fathers Day '18

    Fathers Day came around again.

    I got a great selection of goodies :)

  • World Cup Day 2

    So, yesterday’s predictions went quite well, although I did get the only match wrong.

    Well, today, there are 3 matches and I am very confident.

  • World Cup Day 1

    So World Cup starts today. I’m not at all bothered, so I thought I’d make some predictions anyway :p

  • No Electric

    Sadly we were without electric on Monday. It was frustrating to not be able to get on with things that needed doing, but it was quiet!

    We had to make piles of candles everywhere when it got dark.

  • Impromptu BBQ

    I was unable to use the cooker yesterday, so my son and I found some scrap wood and bashed it into pieces and popped it on the barbeque.

  • Broken Phone Screen

    Oh no! I’ve broken my phone screen again.

    That’s 3 times since November :(

  • Voyager

    I was just reading about the equipment, including the computers onboard the two Voyager probes.

  • Restarting Cycling (Recycling?)

    I’m very pleased with myself as I’ve re-started cycling. Now I’m not doing it competitively or even to get fit. But it will save me time in the day and waste less of my day on the many trips I generally do on foot.

  • Prize Tracker

    Don’t forget that I made a Prize Tracker, it is free to use (you don’t have to be a Twitaculous member. If you get taken to the payment page after logging in, just click the link again.

    You can keep track of any wins and see if any need chasing up.

  • Github

    I’ve just seen that Microsoft is most likely buying Github and I thought I’d get in on the situation.

    I’ve never been a fan of Microsoft but in some ways they’ve brought computers to the masses by giving people user friendy interfaces (Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and so on).

    I can see why people will be worried about their code being on a platform owned by such a company. And, if I had anything important there, I’d probably move it elsewhere. But the chances are that they won’t do anything evil to all the repos there. You’re code is probably safe.

    Just signing up to Gitlab now…

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