Written by Paul in blog on Thu 29 October 2020. Tags: blog,

Most people have heard the word "bloatware" and if you haven't, then you probably still know what it is.

When you get a brand new phone and there are already apps on it... That's bloatware. Some of these apps on your phone may be part of Android (The Play Store …

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Retro Gaming

Written by Paul in blog on Thu 13 August 2020. Tags: blog,

Once upon a time you could buy a games console with a game on cartridge or on disk or a tape, diskette or cdrom for your computer. You put in the game, maybe ran the installation program, maybe it just ran as it was. You could play as long as …

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Pi Day

Written by Paul in blog on Tue 10 March 2020. Tags: blog,

It'll be pi day again in a few days. Pi represent the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. The number is approximately 3.14 and March the 14th is supposed to represent that... except that, that date is 14/3 to most of the world, not 3/14 …

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Written by Paul in blog on Tue 03 March 2020. Tags: blog,

Right, another enormous gap in blog posts! I've also changed what I use for my blog. I've transferred everything from "Jekyll", which is a static site/blog generator written in Ruby, to "Pelican" which is similar, but written in Python.

I'll get some regular posts written from now on!

Update …

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