Lick The Payphone

Written by Paul in listening on Thu 24 May 2018. Tags: listening,

I’m very excited that season 3 of Archive 81 has started.

Dan Powell is missing. He is lost in another world. Archive 81 is a podcast about horror, cities, and the subconscious.


Start at episode 1 of season 1!

Update: It was turned into a Netflix series. It …

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Tab Bookmark Forgotten

Written by Paul in blog on Thu 24 May 2018. Tags: blog,

I have a habit of opening many tabs for things I mean to go back to, to read or find out more about.

A few days/weeks later, it’s still there.

Later still, I bookmark it and close it as my tab quantity has grown out of control.

Then …

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Written by Paul in blog on Tue 22 May 2018. Tags: blog,

Although I am sure the GDPR is a good thing, I have been inundated by emails wanting me to reconfirm that I want to receive emails and wanting me to read the new privacy policy.

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