Childrens Toys

Written by Paul in blog on Thu 31 May 2018. Tags: blog,

Isn’t it amazing what kids play with. Marley has any number of toys that he either liked the look of or have been designed to be of interest to someone of his demographic (a three year old boy). And yet he was having fun with… a tent pole. It …

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The Message

Written by Paul in listening on Tue 29 May 2018. Tags: listening,

This is one of the first things, like this, that I listened to. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but since then I’ve been hooked on audio drama. It’s easy and convenient to subscribe in itunes or a number of other services, or you can just …

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Fantasy Consoles

Written by Paul in coding on Mon 28 May 2018. Tags: coding,

A while back I discovered the concept of a fantasy console.

It’s like an imaginary computer that runs on a computer. They generally have artificial limits to encourage creative progamming.

The tic-80, for example, gives you:

  • 240x136 pixels, 16 colours display
  • 64kb for progam code
  • limited ability for sound …

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Solve The World

Written by Paul in listening on Mon 28 May 2018. Tags: listening,

One thing I really enjoyed listening to last year was Solve The World.

It is 100 episodes long and the story takes many remarkable twists along the way! She will lose a hand, meet mole people, ride a mechanical giraffe, murder someone, meet the pied piper, join a cult, become …

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