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Pi Day

Written by Paul in blog on Tue 10 March 2020. Tags: blog,

It'll be pi day again in a few days. Pi represent the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. The number is approximately 3.14 and March the 14th is supposed to represent that... except that, that date is 14/3 to most of the world, not 3/14 …

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Written by Paul in blog on Tue 03 March 2020. Tags: blog,

Right, another enormous gap in blog posts! I've also changed what I use for my blog. I've transferred everything from "Jekyll", which is a static site/blog generator written in Ruby, to "Pelican" which is similar, but written in Python.

I'll get some regular posts written from now on!

Update …

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Written by Paul in blog on Thu 23 August 2018. Tags: images, blog,

We had a nice day out today thanks to Yvonne doing a bloger review of KickAir in Manchester.

It’s an indoor trampolining centre. We really thought Marley would love it, but he didn’t. He’d happily bounce all day on the bed, but after a few quick goes …

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