We had a nice day out today thanks to Yvonne doing a bloger review of KickAir in Manchester.

It’s an indoor trampolining centre. We really thought Marley would love it, but he didn’t. He’d happily bounce all day on the bed, but after a few quick goes of bouncing on the main area of trampolines he got silly about it and wouldn’t get back on. It later turned out that he was scared off by the safety video that we had to watch at the start.

There is a big area of smallish square trampolines, a big jump off into a shift landing, several climbing walls, a ninja assault course and various other bits and bobs. There was also a footballing area with various football related activities. It was all quite good fun!

We also filled in time there wandering around Manchester looking at the bee statues and getting Marley in a photo with each one. Yvonne wanted to get to all of them, but later realised how many there were and how spread out they are.

Manchester Bees

We fortunately set off on good time in the morning, which was lucky as our train was cancelled and had to wait for the next one. We also rushed back to the station at the end of the day, only to catch the train that should have left 20 minutes earlier.

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