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Restarting Cycling (Recycling?)

Written by Paul in blog on Mon 04 June 2018. Tags: blog,

I’m very pleased with myself as I’ve re-started cycling. Now I’m not doing it competitively or even to get fit. But it will save me time in the day and waste less of my day on the many trips I generally do on foot.

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Childrens Toys

Written by Paul in blog on Thu 31 May 2018. Tags: blog,

Isn’t it amazing what kids play with. Marley has any number of toys that he either liked the look of or have been designed to be of interest to someone of his demographic (a three year old boy). And yet he was having fun with… a tent pole. It …

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Tab Bookmark Forgotten

Written by Paul in blog on Thu 24 May 2018. Tags: blog,

I have a habit of opening many tabs for things I mean to go back to, to read or find out more about.

A few days/weeks later, it’s still there.

Later still, I bookmark it and close it as my tab quantity has grown out of control.

Then …

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Written by Paul in blog on Tue 22 May 2018. Tags: blog,

Although I am sure the GDPR is a good thing, I have been inundated by emails wanting me to reconfirm that I want to receive emails and wanting me to read the new privacy policy.

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