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Sid Meier's Civilization

Written by Paul in blog on Thu 08 April 2021. Tags: blog,

I was just reminded about this game. I bought it as a budget game when I was in college. I must have spend so much of my life playing this game afte getting it. I remember spending days and days on end progressing my civilisation, over and over. I can't …

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Transport Tycoon

Written by Paul in blog on Thu 08 April 2021. Tags: games, blog,

Transport Tycoon is another game I picked up in the bargain bucket, and went on to spend far too much time playing! It's an excellent simulation game where you build roads and rails and buy lorries, vans, trains, ships and aeroplanes to travel between your stations, ports, etc transporting stuff …

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Domain Renewal

Written by Paul in blog on Sun 21 March 2021. Tags: blog,

Well, the domain name is up for renewal, so I thought I'd better do a post to make it seem worth while. I'll probably do 2 or 3 and then forget again until this time nest year ;)

I'm writing this on my Raspberry Pi, it's a Pi 3 and I …

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Written by Paul in blog on Thu 29 October 2020. Tags: blog,

Most people have heard the word "bloatware" and if you haven't, then you probably still know what it is.

When you get a brand new phone and there are already apps on it... That's bloatware. Some of these apps on your phone may be part of Android (The Play Store …

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Retro Gaming

Written by Paul in blog on Thu 13 August 2020. Tags: blog,

Once upon a time you could buy a games console with a game on cartridge or on disk or a tape, diskette or cdrom for your computer. You put in the game, maybe ran the installation program, maybe it just ran as it was. You could play as long as …

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