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Paw Patrol

Written by Paul in blog on Sat 18 August 2018. Tags: images, blog,

Marley had the opportunity to meet Paw Patrol’s Marshall! It was is St John’s Shopping Centre in Liverpool. The tickets were free, but we had to pick them up, there was a choice of times. They seemed to have a big stack of tickets when we got there …

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Jaffa Mallows

Written by Paul in blog on Tue 10 July 2018. Tags: images, blog,

I just invented (well I’ve never seen them before) a new snack. It’s a Jaffa Mallow.

It’s a simple case of melting (I used a microwave) a medium sized marshmallow and spreading it on top of a jaffa cake. I tried microwaving the marshmallow on top of …

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Brouhaha 2018

Written by Paul in blog on Sat 07 July 2018. Tags: images, blog,

The Liverpool Carnival “Brouhaha” was on over the weekend. It was smaller again this year. It has got smaller and less worthwhile each time. Marley seemed to like the parade, but previous years it went on for much longer. Brouhaha Picture 1 Brouhaha
Picture 2 Brouhaha Picture
3 Brouhaha Picture
4 Brouhaha Picture
5 Brouhaha Picture
6 Brouhaha Picture
7 Brouhaha Picture

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Written by Paul in blog on Thu 05 July 2018. Tags: blog,

The word algorithm seems to fill some people with dread. It is most likely caused by Facebook using an algorithm to decide what you see on their site.

It used to be that you just saw each post from anything you ‘liked’ and anyone you were ‘friends’ with. With the …

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