20 May



Competition Counter

I’ve made a handy utility to keep track of how many competitions you have entered in a day.

It’s fairly basic, but if I get any interest I’ll consider improving it.

Find it here.

The idea is that you open it in a new window and make that window really small. Then either move it to the far edge of the screen and make your comping window slightly thinner to have the 2 windows side by side. Or you can have it as an aways-on-top window over to one side, out the was as much as possible. Alternatively you could have it on your phone, next to you, while comping on your ipad/laptop.

When you register/login you will get an email, click on the link and you will see a list of categories. Click on one each time you enter and it will keep track for you.

You can add (type the name and click add) or remove categories (press the (x) next to it).

If you delete a category with an existing count, it will add it to the “Other” category.

At the end of each day, click “Reset Day” to zero the counters for a new day. You can do that at midnight or when you go to bed or whenever you want to.