Paw Patrol

Marley had the opportunity to meet Paw Patrol’s Marshall! It was is St John’s Shopping Centre in Liverpool. The tickets were free, but we had to pick them up, there was a choice of times. They seemed to have a big stack of tickets when we got there, and we wondered if we had dashed there for no reason! ALT
TEXT But at the alloted time there was a queue of other small children also looking forward to Marshall’s visit. As we queued, the lady from the Thornton’s shop gave all the children a little bag of choccy buttons. The parents also got a button or two each. ALT
TEXT We were worried that Marley would not enjoy it and would be silly about going over; and, in fact, the little boy ahead of us wouldn’t go over to Marshall. But when it was Marley’s turn he happily went over and had several photos done with him. It was in a similar way to how children visit Father Christmas, they queue up and have a short ‘turn’ and off they go. It was in a currently empty shop in the shopping centre.

Written by Paul in blog on Sat 18 August 2018. Tags: images, blog,


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