Mo Bro's Beard Grooming Kit

I was given the opportunity to give Mo Bro’s Beard Grooming Kit a try. I regularly have stubble, followed by an untidy beard until I get around to shaving it away and the cycle starts again. It’s down to lazyness and lack of motivation to shave rather than any sense of style or fashion! But for this I’m going to make an effort to have a nicer, smarter tidy beard. And if I like it, I may keep it permanently.

My Beard

It comes in a variety of scents Vanilla and Mango , Cedarwood , Sandalwood , Sweet Mint , Orange Bergamot , Winter Spice , Summer Spice and Unscented. I have Winter Spice and I absolutely love it, the aroma reminds me of the really nice candles and drinks you get at Christmas. Yvonne, didn’t like the smell, but she never likes nice tastes and smells; but with 7 other possibilities, I’m sure we could find one we both liked.

They do a variety of kits and individual products. The kits look really nice and would make a great gift or a treat for yourself.


The kit I got had Moustache Wax , Beard Oil , Beard Balm , Grooming Scissors , a Beard Comb and it all came in a nice Aluminium Gift Tin. There is also a bigger kit with Beard Soap , which I suppose I could have done with, but it had everything else I needed.


There is also a very handy guide book telling you everything you need to know about the kit and how to use everything included. Ideal for first time beards.


After a good beard wash to remove skin flakes and dirt. I gave the beard balm a go, just to see what it was like but after a read I decided I should currently be using just the oil until the hair is an inch or so in length. Both the oil and balm say to use such a small amount that you think it won’t work, but to my surprise, a little goes a long way. I followed the guide and was very pleased with the smell and the feel after use.

The comb, although it looks over sized, was nice. It felt satisfying to use and it helped tame the mess that was my un-tended beard. I did experiment slightly with the scissors, but as I am slightly clumsy I didn’t want to rush into it. Also as my facial hair isn’t that long at the moment I didn’t want to risk cutting bald patches into it! When there is more to deal with they will be invaluable in trimming and neatening.

As for the moustache wax. I did experimentally use some to see how it felt, but I don’t have enough of a moustache to shape.

Overall the Mo Bro’s kit seems great. The products are good quality and have quality ingredients. The accessories are well made and will last.

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