I am Paul originally from Hampshire, I met my wife Yvonne 19 years ago and moved to Liverpool. I am a dad of a 4 year old monster and a 15 year old horror. I don’t know which is worse. I like messing with computers (Yvonne tells me I am a geek). I like it when things don’t work as they should as it’s interesting to fix things. I like music (rock ‘n roll, 60’s, punk, metal and more). I like telly (sci-fi, horror and drama). I enjoy cycling and walking. I listen to a lot of audio books and audio drama, again mostly sci-fi, horror, fantasy and mystery. It’s a great hobby that makes housework bearable and travelling fun. Reading books is good; mostly sci-fi, horror & fantasy [There is a bit of a theme going on isn’t there!]. I like peace and quiet… not that I remember what that is.